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Moving Netsight from Windows x64 to Linux x64 (ubuntu)

Moving Netsight from Windows x64 to Linux x64 (ubuntu)

New Contributor III
My Netsight is in Win x64 version
My destination system is Netsight Linux x64 (imported from OVA file which is available on support pages)

Im trying to move my Netsight Virtual Appliance from Windows x64 to Linux x64.
Description of that procedure is (of course) available on support but my question is:
which directories of windows i shoult copy and where in linux system should i paste it?
for now on my Win NS has dirs like these:
c:\backup - backups of NetsightDB, InventoryMngr, OneView, WirelessMngr
c:\ProgramFiles\Exreme Networks\Netsight - NS installation dir
c:\srv\Netsight\appdata\InventoryManager\ - swithes config files etc

Where i should paste these dirs into linux appliance?

The main User of new NS server is "netsight" (default user account used to run Netsight Server app)


Valued Contributor III
Hello Marek,

with my last move from Windows to Linux I had the probleme that the images pathes for the devices in the Firmware Mgmt tab was wrong.

The only way to solve this. I found, was to click on the device Type. Go to the right window and delete the firmware (right click on the firmware and select delete).

May this hint helps if you have the same problem.


Regards Stephan

New Contributor III
Ok... so i finnaly moved netsight to linux platform, but i found fomething like that. What i should do this time?
it is very important for me to backup every switch config file.


OK ive got it 🙂 ive copied files from appdata\inventorymanager from windows to /usr/local/extreme_networks/netsight/appdata/inventroymanager

Extreme Employee

There is a guide on how to migrate to a new Linux NetSight system from a windows system here: