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Where is Inventory Manager (and reports) in NetSight 8?

Where is Inventory Manager (and reports) in NetSight 8?

New Contributor II
Our SysAdmin upgraded our NetSight instance to Suite Since doing so, I can't find the same Inventory Manager functions or reports that I seemed to be able to run previously. I only seem to have access to one Inventory PDF report.
Is Inventory Manager completely different (removed or licensed?) in v8, or am I looking in the wrong spot??
I'm trying to generate reports based on our inventory, and the only (PDF) report available doesn't show individual stack members, and does't present in a format that is friendly with Excel. (PDF is awful for this stuff - it should be an option, not the only type).

Ideally I want to run reports on all sorts of stuff - installed hardware, modules, software versions, configs containing "X". And I want these reports customisable to my needs, with ability to schedule and email at regular intervals.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

New Contributor III
There are some Inventory related reports available under Device. You will see "Device Archives" and "Device View Archives". It is also possible to set up Alarms based on Events of Type "Inventory" that can have an Email action associated with them to email notifications of config changes.

It is still not ideal because a better tool would include a diff file in the email so you could immediately see the configuration changes. Being able to right click a specific archive and have it pull up a diff between it and the prior saved version would be an obvious enhancement to the manual process required now of picking each file to compare.

New Contributor II
8.0.3 has also removed the Reports option. fyi

Honored Contributor
I only seem to have access to one Inventory PDF report.

I can't even find that one - could you please tell how to access this report.