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XIQ-SE ZTP is not loading AAA/radius configuration to X440-G2

XIQ-SE ZTP is not loading AAA/radius configuration to X440-G2

New Contributor

I'm building up my XIQ-SE deployment prior to receiving an order, I've been having a few issues and I hope someone experienced may be able to spot the cause on this one.

I previously had these AAA settings being loaded to the switch when I pushed the ZTP configuration but now the "show configuration detail" shows radius as disabled and none of the settings have been loaded (everything else has been pushed correctly).

I was troubleshooting AP aware and changed some settings while considering having NAC do the LDAP requests (instead of being a proxy to NPS), I'm expecting I changed a setting while looking at these options but I can't find what's different. As a side note I have had this happen previously and it returned to normal after i rebooted the Extreme servers but no luck this time.

Any guesses to what I need to check or good references to look over? I have been using the online guide but it's hard to find examples of how the settings are utilized together.

Pointers are appreciated.


New Contributor
Hi Sam,

Thank you for taking time to look at this, I had other issues with the earlier release but have upgraded last week to the latest version

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Adam, I've been looking in to this for you and I found a few closed cases that had similar symptoms and resolved them with an upgrade of XIQ-SE. Could you tell me what version of XIQ-SE you're using? The cases I found were using pre- versions.