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access point client connection

access point client connection

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I work in a graduate housing facility and we have over 700 residents who live in dormitory rooms. Each one of the rooms has its own designated access point. There are some instances in which our residents experience connection issues because their devices are connecting to neighboring access points. We would basically like to to know if there is any insight you guys can provide as to what factors affect a client device in connecting to certain Access Point. I am aware that signal strength and device can affect the connection. 

For example we have a current resident in the 11th floor that sometimes may connect to an AP in floor 12. Connects at 5Ghz, but RSSI averaged about -74 with an SNR average of 19, average noise floor is -93. History for client showed drops in connection about every 60 mins. Her devices are jumping around to different APs, attempting to find better signal. 

Apologies for the long description. I know this can be a very broad topic. But If there is any technical insight someone can provide I would greatly appreciate it. 




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We’ve had site surveys conducted before. The majority of our users connect to their designated Access Points but we still encounter instances were some clients have connection issues. They may connect to neighboring access points or do not have a steady signal because their device is bouncing around to other access points trying get the better signal.

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Have you had a proper sight survey done and the results analyzed?