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AP1130 and AP650(AH) firmware divergence?

AP1130 and AP650(AH) firmware divergence?

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I noticed that firmware for the AP650(AH) is out, with the new version being


I updated a few of the AP's that had zero clients, startign on my AP650(ah)'s, and then went to update the firmware on the AP1130's. thats when i noticed that wasnt an option, only the previous version

Whats going on?  since ive had this system (since Aerohive) its been the same firmware for the AP650's as it has for the AP1130's.

Dont tell me that the firmware is going to start to diverge based on the model of AP... please dont tell me that.... not a good idea..

Anyway, im interested why the latest isnt available for the AP1130's, anyone?


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I've also been curious about this, and just saw this article regarding the AP230 (which shouldn't be end of life until Nov 15, 2025) 

Anyone else seen the term "end of software support" prior to this?

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I onyl found out when i couldnt update the firmware on the AP1130's, and it went back and forth as you read here, with yet it is, to no it isnt.  So im not sure how much you can trust any of the EOL documentation at this point.

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I had come across that earlier today have been poking around all afternoon.

That was why I was after the 10.5r3 and 10.5r4 release notes in this post to see if there was any mention to it.



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Looking back on when our AP370s aged out in Oct 2021:

6.5r12 - Feb 2019

6.5r13 - Nov 2020

6.5r14 - Mar 2021

6.5r15 - Aug 2021

6.5r16 - Nov 2021

r12 was the last version with a new feature. The rest were to deal with security issues, including r16 (FRAG attacks) that came out a month after End Of Life.