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Configuring Wi-Fi 6 / Radio 2 on AP5010

Configuring Wi-Fi 6 / Radio 2 on AP5010

New Contributor

We just started putting some 5010s into a couple of new schools in our district and am having issues configuring radio2 using 802.11ax 6Ghz using ExtremeCloud IQ. I've tried 20, 40, 80, and 160MHz. No matter what settings I use, the Wifi2 channel is always set to 1.

Does anyone have a Radio Profile for a 5010 or similar that uses 5GHz 802.11ac on one radio and 6Ghz 802.11ax on another radio (we typically keep radio0 with 2.4Ghz turned off)?


New Contributor III

Matt. You can customize AP5010's 6G Radio Profile by excluding any WiFi2 Channel (6Ghz) from the pool.  Examples given below. Once configured, deploy it to the selected device and "Update Devices" on the CloudIQ website. It may take a while for the device to ingest the config. Good luck.

Radio Profile.png