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Migrate VX9000 into XIQ

Migrate VX9000 into XIQ

Contributor II
Hello, we have juist migrated XMC to XIQ-SE.

How can I integrate WiNG VX9000 controller into XIQ?

Firmware VX9000  v7.6.3

Johan Hendrik
System Architect
Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

Extreme Employee
Hallo Johan,
a VX 9000 can be monitored by using an NSIGHT Profile, which points to you XIQ Instance.
Please visit this KB article : How to add WiNG AP to Extreme Cloud IQ.

You will need a related Lic on you XIQ Instance, to cover the VX.
On XIQ you can also use SSH back into your VX.
I would use on the VX, so if possible, please upgrade your Controller.

Best Regards

Hello Andreas,

Does the Wing visibility only on the XIQ works with the IQ Connect Freemium account or still needs the IP Pilot or Navigator ?
I was lookin at that video : where it says at the beginning the 2 journeys (one with freemium connect account and the other one on Pilot/NAvigator)

Many thanks !

WiNG visibility should work in monitor-only mode on Connect level account as well.

When connecting Wing environment to Pilot-level account, you must have at least Navigator license for each Wing device

As per example given by Douglas:
nsight-policy XIQ
server host https enforce-verification poll-work-queue

Pay attention to suffix on your rdc URL. Above example is for account in So for nsight server, you need to add "-wing" to host part. The correct address is then "".
Moreover if you have problems, try it without "enforce-verification" clause.

Hello Adam,

really appreciate your reply and feedback on this matter.

Thanks again for your support !

Many thanks !