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Sorting out all the times. NTP, Timezone etc.

Sorting out all the times. NTP, Timezone etc.

Contributor II

I’m trying to sort out time settings. Please help.

I’ve noticed ECIQ channel change events show in a different time zone than AP cli logs.I’m trying to get to the bottom of why this is, and what other time settings may affect. Below are the only time setting options I know of, but I can’t seem to sort out what does what.


Timezone - can be set under Global Settings>Accounts>Account Details

  • Currently set to GMT-05:00
    • I can’t seem to find any options for EDT (daylight savings). Is this even needed?
    • There is one option for “(GMT-05:00)EST5EDT”. not sure what this would mean, as EDT is currently GMT-04:00
    • Looks like global Audit logs might follow this setting but not sure
    • GDPR logs list a mix of EDT & EST - why?
      • curious - newest log is stamped as 03/12/2020 13:54:34 EDT so apparently future me is busy. (current time is 03/12/2020 10:29 EDT)

NTP - this can be set at Configure>Network Policies>Additional Settings>Management Server>NTP Server

  • I have this set to our network time server (which runs on EDT) however if I CLI into an AP logs are being timestamped with EST. If I run “sh time” it shows timezone -5.
  • Are APs basing log timestamps on the global settings? If so, how do I get this to reflect EDT time, and will it auto adjust for daylight savings?



Contributor II

Based on what I’m seeing at the AP, it would appear it uses some combination of the two settings, but I’m not sure. I’m curious if ECIQ does as well. I’d love to see some documentation regarding these different time settings.

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Yes, we are on prem. Has your account full admin permission?

Setting a timezone and a NTP server sounds a bit like a contrariety. I assume the NTP server delivers the timezone as well.

Contributor II

Are you on prem? I’m not seeing the “System Settings” option.

I have learned that the AP gets it’s timezone settings from Configure>Network Policies>[policy name]>Additional Settings>Policy Settings> Device Time Zone.

After setting Network Policy to (GMT-05:00)EST5EDT when I run “sh ntp” from an AP it list the server as it did before, but now also lists “Daylight Saving Time: Yes” with the start and end dates.

I’m still curious to understand how the Timezone and NTP settings work together as they are obviously related based on what I am seeing.

Contributor II

Hello John,

the NTP setting you described define the AP’s NTP setting. Under “Global Settings” → “System Settings” → “EmailServer/NTPServer” you can define the NTP server that ECIQ uses itself. In our case the AP’s logs do not contain a timezone - they show the correct time. “show time” shows the correct timezone.

I also wonder what the timezone setting under “Account Details” means. The online help gives no explanation.

We have ECIQ V20.1.3.2 and HiveOS V10.0r8.