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Internal error when self-registering on CWP

Hello! We have 2x SSID; one (Company-Registration) with the possibility to self register and recieve a PPSK by mail/SMS which you then can use to authenticate with SSID number 2 (Company-GUEST).This has been working for us without a problem for 2-3 y...

haglis by New Contributor
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Question about rationale for a Knowledge Base recommendation

HiThis refers to a KB article about issues with AP230s and iPhone 12,13,14https://extremeportal.force.com/ExtrArticleDetail?an=000108204&q=ap230In part 2 it says"2) If Radio Mode ac is selected, an extra step is required to enable MCS Rates 0-3 only ...

JA by New Contributor
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Configuring Wi-Fi 6 / Radio 2 on AP5010

We just started putting some 5010s into a couple of new schools in our district and am having issues configuring radio2 using 802.11ax 6Ghz using ExtremeCloud IQ. I've tried 20, 40, 80, and 160MHz. No matter what settings I use, the Wifi2 channel is ...

matts by New Contributor
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Classification rules by device type

I'm onboarding a VOSS switch, and it only allows syslog udp-port between 514 and 530, so when I tried to push out my network policy that has a port of 1514, it fails. So I made a new syslog server, port 514, and wanted to use classification rules to ...

James_A by Contributor III
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