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Resolved! XMC traps estatus no permission

Hello;In the TRAPS STATUS column of my XMC it indicates No PERMISSION for all my devices (x-450 and X-590 switches). I have configured the TRAPS options correctly based on the configuration of the switches. Can someone help me ??

cpacho by New Contributor
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Resolved! NAC - 802.1x End-Systems IP missing, forward AAA

Hello, We have two Cisco WLCs 5500 using our Extreme NACs as Radius Authentication and Accounting servers.While Authentication works nicely, I am missing some IP addresses from End-Systems while others are there. Any idea why?We would also like to fo...

tfsnetman by Contributor
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NAC/ExtremeControl Appliance/Engine Properties docs

Hi guys,Do we have any doc about the NAC/ExtremeControl Appliance/Engine properties?I know we have some like REDIRECT_DELAY, RADIUS_TLS_REPLACE_USERNAME, CAPTIVE_PORTAL_MIN_PHONE_NUMBER_LENGTH and many others, but it should be useful to know which op...

LeoP1 by Contributor
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NAC Notification showing the wrong user

Hello together, I tried to setup a notification in case someone removes a MAC form an End-System Group (Blacklist). So the trigger works fine and I get an mail as I wished to.I modified the text in the mail to get the needed information. Now the prob...

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Nico_A_ by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Problem with 802.1X Microsoft Machine authentication

Hello All,Having a problem with 802.1X Microsoft Machine authentication:We are using XMC and X435-8P-4S with EXOS of X435 is:In fat the most relevant partsconfigure vlan default delete ports allconfigure vr VR-Default delete ...