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Best way to prevent topology changes...?

Brief description of the environment: K-12 School District S4 Core [] x460-G2 (40G uplink) distribution layer [] x450-G2 (10G uplink) edge layer [] Management, Control, Analytics 8.x x460-G2+x450-G2 stacks (building mdf) ...

Jeff by New Contributor
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A4H124-48 loop protection.

Hi, Today I was configuring dhcpsnooping on A4H124-48. When I run "show neighbors" I was surprised to see that the switch is displaying it as a neighbor device on two of its ports. ARHAVI_MYO_IDARI_A4-48(su)->show neighbors Port Device ID ...

initial setup x250e

I just got hold of a few extreme x250e and I would like to use them to power a camera system that I have ( I am a cisco guy but just got a client that has extreme switches so I also need to familiarize myself with the switches) The ports seem to be o...