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S series VSB LFR

Hi We have installed two S6 chassis, bonding them using VSB. Each chassis has one fabric blade and one IO blade. The VSB bonding ports are connected on the Fabric blade. We have connected two LFR ports, one connecting the two Fabric blades and anot...


octet string conversion

How to convert octet string for snmp command result from OID dot1qVlanStaticEgressPorts= I work with a Matrix N-Series FW and I need to get information about Vlan Port Egress e Untagged Port by SNMP thanks a...

Blank IP address after configuring

After configuring the Enterasys A2H124-24FX from previously downloaded *.cfg file via command "configure configs/FILENAME.cfg" host IP address and mask becomes empty. In config-file there is a line with command "set ip address mask 255.255...

Dmitry by New Contributor
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