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Maclock Violation by Invalid Mac Address

We have all ports with maclock protection with no dynamic entries and violation enable. All day we have violations with invalid mac addresses detected by switch. Macs like 00:00:00:10:12:00. or AB:00:AB:00:11:11 and many others that doesnt have a v...

computer plugged into phone

i have my polycom phone plugged into pirt one anand my computer plugged into my phone . i am trying to get the phone to pass it of port 36 where i jave my phone router plugged in and my computer data out of port 34 where my computer router is plugged...

Request Image Firmware Sw C3

I have some swicth seri: C3, A2, B3. I need upgrade firmware to laster version But i can not download from site extremly. Please help me link download firmware Thanks

Phuong by New Contributor
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