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SNMP Error 4100 on D2 switches

Hi all, I have a strange problem regarding the management of some D2 switches using NetSight (Version: I recently installed two D2 switches in my network where I also have C3, B5, B3 and other D2 switches; I have always deployed the same...

S-Series Banner login/MoTD

Hi everyone, I have strange behaviour on our SSA switch (SSA-G1018-0652). I'm trying to set up banner for login and motd ... and I can't. I tried to input text with single quotes, double quotes, without anything, removed all special characters, eve...

LLDP stacked switches SecureStack C3G124-24P

I have stacked two C3G124-24P Switches and also have configured LLDP for all Ports ge.1.1-22, ge.2.1-22. I used a windows tool to test it, I got all infos (Switch name, Modell, IP, Port, VLAN, speed...) when I´m connected to the stacking master but w...

PeterM by New Contributor
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Power cables for SSA switches.

Customer needs 15' power cables and the standard length is 6'. Having issue trying to determine length of power cables from the part number description. Have already looked at the power cord document and the price list, but no mention of lengths. Fig...