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spanning tree informations on a router

Hello, we have a Enterasys Matrix E5 chassis, that contains four switches (5H152-50) and a router (5SSRM-02). Spanning tree is activated on the switches and the router. On the switches, it is easy to obtain much information about the state of the ...

Disable a port on an Enterasys / Extreme S4

At some point I remember the need to turn on a feature on the S4, so when you disable a port (set port disable tg.3.1), it actually stops processing packets for that port. I thought it was a global command, but I can't remember. Maybe they changed ...

HostDoS[8] Attack ( arpNd ) detected on vlan

I have enterasys S8 switch and found following log on the switch. we have found many no of SA mac addressees in the logs. HostDoS[8] Attack ( arpNd ) detected on vlan.0.6 [ InPort(ge.8.27) LEN(64) DA(FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF) SA(00:1C:C4:54:EC:25) ETYPE(...

i series rstp configuration

please help, we are very new to EOS and we need to configure the EOS switch using RSTP since we will use the switch in a ring network. can someone share sample configuration of RSTP in EOS? many thanks

Marlon by New Contributor III
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