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Configuration DHCP option ascii on Enterays B3

Hi, I have an issue with Enterasys B3 on firmware. I have to use an ascii option like that : set dhcp pool phone option 130 ascii "MITEL IP PHONE" but after reboot the option has been deleted, i think because we have a "space" in the as...

X_Donche by New Contributor
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spantree packet error

Hi all. We found this error on our S3, while we were watching its logs. Anybody knows what does it mean? <165>May 15 09:51:03 10.X.XXX.X Spantree[1]Packet error on Port = ge.1.XX Data Length = 35017 DSAP = 0x02 SSAP = 0x07 BPDU Protocol I...

giro by New Contributor
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load mib to A2H124

Hi community, we have a switch A2H124-48P which is not sending snmp traps when a cable is unplugged. I used snmpwalk and found that the O.I.D. . is not responding (IF-MIB). This OID is responsible for sending the trap. I have see...

S4 to X460 LAG

I am new to the EOS side of things. I am trying to setup a LAG between a S4 and a X450. I am confident in my xos configuration but I am unsure on the eos side of things. Here is what I have on the xos side of things: enable sharing 1:14 grouping 1...