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Cannot Disconnect Telnet Session on S-Series , Firmware

Cannot Disconnect Telnet Session on S-Series , Firmware

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The current equipment has four users Telnet landing, one of which is the current user, the other three are unknown telnet users, but I can not use the disconnect command to play out the other three users, the equipment is S series switches, the version is , How can I clear out other telnet sessions?



Extreme Employee
Unfortunately , on older codes there have been rare situations where telnet sessions can become "locked" and do not release when using the disconnect command.

The only way to recover this on that firmware is to reset the blade.

i would recommend upgrading to version 8.42.04 as a minimum to take advantage of fixes which make this situation much less likely to occur and also this adds the ability to recover the situation without resetting the blade in the unlikely event that it should happen again.

This article describes the fix:

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yes, it will reboot the blade , not the entire chassis. If there is only one blade installed then effectively its the whole switch

Thanks Glyn,Is it a reboot switch?

unfortunately the only way to workaround this issue on the older firmware is to reset the host master blade ( one with the cpu led lit )

this can be achieved using front panel button or by typing "reset x" where x is the module number of the host master blade. Dependent on connections this could cause some interruption.

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