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Disabling STP on a pair of 7100 switches

Disabling STP on a pair of 7100 switches

New Contributor
For many reasons we need to shut down the Spanning Tree on our pair of 7100 switches while we perform some other work on them and the connected systems.
Today we are actively using spanning tree, the pair of 7100 switches are connected to an MLAG pair of 670s and the spanning tree on the 7100s is blocking one of the ports connected to the 670s.
My question is hopefully simple:
If we disconnect the currently blocked ports, can we issue the "disable stp" command as follows and NOT have any STP events on the 7100s themselves?
set spantree stpmode none
I think that issuing the command on the switches is fairly instantaneous, there should not be any STP port activity on the 7100s after that command is run correct?
The main reason we are doing this is so we can fix the ports with storage connected. In the past STP events have caused the ports connected to the back end storage to go into discovery mode and our VM machines have lost disk connectivity and crashed.
Thanks in advance for any answers!


Extreme Employee
Hello Robert,

I think a safer command to run would be:

set spantree portadmin [port-string] disable

The port will stop sending spanning tree BPDU and will ignore incoming BPDU. Doing this on individual ports rather than shutting down the entire spanning tree process is a better option, in my opinion.

Best Regards,

Steve Geisser
Escalation Support Engineer
Extreme GTAC