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QoS on specific TCP port.

Create Date: Jun 28 2012 10:48AM I'm new, and need help setting a QoS profile for a specific TCP port. How would I set a profile that prioritized traffic to and from a specific ip port? For example give all traffic from TCP port 2000 a priority ...

Further ACL problems

Create Date: Jul 12 2012 4:07AM OK here's a challenge. How to permit IP and ICMP Pings from a list of 40 subnets in an ACL.Should be straightforward? I thought so until I tried and realised the resulting ACL would be (40*8)+(40*7)=600 lines long!...


Create Date: Aug 8 2012 12:54AM when I apply a "permit all packets" rule, I get the warning: Note: An unconditional PERMIT action on an EAPS or STP blocked port will result in a loop. Adding an explicit match criteria such as ethernet-type will avo...