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Create a loop storm in network "educational Purpose"

Create a loop storm in network "educational Purpose"

New Contributor II
Hello I am working on a network with

Ring topology
X440 Switches

And I'm looking for a scenario to get a broadcast storm "loop" for test.

is there any way to do it!?

Contributor III
Remember it takes one broadcast packet to get the loop started so if this a lab of just switches and you create the loop with no clients or ip's on you layer 2 vlans in the mix there is nothing on your layer 2 connections that would create a broadcast packet. you have to prime the pump 

Valued Contributor III
If I remember correctly, most switches drop traffic sourced from itself (at least in EXOS), so you will need more than one switch for this.

Extreme Employee
Hi Yusuf,

I am not sure we have enough information to determine if a loop should happen or not. If you take a port with similar configuration and loop it into another port with the same configuration this should cause a loop as well. STP will not prevent a loop in this scenario unless some type of edge port configuration is used.

Extreme Employee
Hello Yusuf,

Essentially, all you need to do to initiate a broadcast storm is create more than one layer 2 path between 2 points in your network.

May I ask how you are using this for educational purposes?