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Don't see macs in fdb table on x450a-24x

Don't see macs in fdb table on x450a-24x

New Contributor
There is a problem with adding some random client's macs in fdb table on extreme x450a-24x firmware version
I see this macs on previous switches, clients get ip by DHCP, but when I do
show fdb 11:11:11:11:11:11 - I don't see this mac (for exemple) in fdb table. Extreme switch works also as gateway for clients and iparp record is absent.
BUT, when I do
clear fdb vlan VlanClient1
and after
show fdb 11:11:11:11:11:11
I see this mac on switch. Also appears record in iparp table.
Number of all macs is near 4200-4300

Any ideas what is it?

New Contributor II
What firmware version do you have ?

Please see also this bellow (How does a hash collision happen😞


I can't add those MACs, I get error:
pgs # create fdb f4:f2:6d:83:25:c9 vlan Vlan-1414 ports 3
Error: Unable to create static entry for MAC f4:f2:6d:83:25:c9

But if I add another mac for this vlan and port - all is good :
pgs # create fdb f4:f2:6d:83:25:10 vlan Vlan-1414 ports 3
* pgs #
I get no errors

In release note for patch1-14 I found this text:
"MAC Address Hash
The hash algorithm used for the L2 MAC hash table has been improved so that more MAC addresses can be inserted prior to filling the hash bucket. This feature applies only to the Summit X670, BlackDiamond 8900- 40G6Xc, and BlackDiamond X8 series switches."

Our model x450a-24x is not in the list. And We don't now or it is there any reason to

New Contributor II
I know that this is not a "solution", but:

1) did you try to add those MACs as a static ?

2) I see also that last stable EXOS is (latest is p1-17) - maybe upgrade will fix your issue - please see the release notes

And question to Extreme Guys - Is it possible to improve hashing algo in next firmware release for 250e / X450a+e switches ?


crc16 didn't help.