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Download EXOS - new rules

Download EXOS - new rules

Valued Contributor
Hello, all!

For now eSupport web-site is unavaliable.
Redirecting to
In past I was able to download EXOS by putting S/N of switch, for now I have to open a case every time when I want to download EXOS?


Thank you!

Thanks for weighing in Scott. Sorry for the extra effort the new Extreme Portal caused you with this download the other day.

Looks like GTAC found a data error that was preventing the download. Now that the s/n was aligned to your account, this won't be an issue on this asset going forward.

I see you've been with us on the Hub for years. Great to see you making your voice heard. We'll keep working the kinks out of this for you.

Valued Contributor
Also followup question:
Earlier we had possibility to see last avaliable EXOS for specific S/N switch.
It was a part of understading is there avaliable service contract for this switch or not.

For now I try to see what EXOS avaliable for switch, but web-site show me last EXOS.
But I know that this switch have no service for a long time


Thank you!

Hello, Ryan!

Thanks for the detailed answer!!!

I'm following Alex. The eSupport download function based on s/n did give you this insight, but not much more. In the new portal, you'll see everything that's available and it will enforce entitlement based on the install base. So, the rules haven't changed, but your view of what's available has.

Over time, I think we'll have much better Asset Management capabilities to accomplish what you were doing with eSupport Download Management. I think this is a credit to how good a Partner you are, because the tool we'd given you to manage SW availability was quite limited. We're trying to fix that with the Extreme Portal, so please hang in there with us.

Let me give you a few options do something equivalent on the Extreme Portal today regarding checking service levels and going forward we'll keep working on this feature until we get it right.

Under Asset Home, you can check the status of warranty and maintenance contracts on a per s/n basis. Use the install address to check on your PartnerWorks customers.


Same thing from a Service Contract perspective under Service Contracts Home.


Lastly, you can see insight based on the service level page of a create case workflow. Feel free to use this and kill off the draft case. GTAC will not see this until you actually submit a case.


Bottom line is, the entitlement enforcement on SW downloads in the Extreme Portal and eSupport is the same. However, in the Extreme Portal you can actually see service level dates, etc. to manage accordingly.

We'll keep working on this and ultimately give you greater insight on a per s/n basis and work this in to to self-service. Right now, the portal will kick it to GTAC until that mechanism can be built out.

We'll keep working on it!

Hello, Ryan!

About possibility to download EXOS for now we work with GTAC, case is open.

Earlier we have no possibility to see terms when ended service contract of somw switch.
For example:
Customer ask me - is my switch X460-G1 have valid service contract?
First I look at eSupport - what last EXOS avaliable for this switsh.
If last avaliable EXOS is 16.x - so it's possible that service is valid, if 15.x - so service contract is ended. And then I work with emeaservicesales, ask Customer is they whant to renew service.

But now I always see EXOS 16.x, even if switch have no valid contract for few years.
And discussion of each individual case take much more time.

Thank you!