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Download EXOS - new rules

Download EXOS - new rules

Valued Contributor
Hello, all!

For now eSupport web-site is unavaliable.
Redirecting to
In past I was able to download EXOS by putting S/N of switch, for now I have to open a case every time when I want to download EXOS?


Thank you!

Very good. Glad you found an alternative.

The pop-up is so quick on Chrome, that some folks don't even see it. Our team is working to remedy, but its causing problems for users currently. Really sorry for the trouble!

New Contributor II
=18461048#reply_18461048]Thanks Ryan very much. I am able to download it now by using IE.

Sorry for the extra effort required here Wallance.

Since your Download History is being incremented, it sounds like your pop-up blocker is preventing the file from transferring to you from our CDN.

Can you check that?

New Contributor II
PS: I was able to download before new Extreme Portal. This is first time I login this new Extreme Portal.

New Contributor
I concur with Alexandr, you can't download EXOS without opening a support case. Aki helped me out last week with the exact same issue. Tried to download and I got the same popup asking me to open a support case...
The website is not working the way support thinks it is... 🙂