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Download EXOS - new rules

Download EXOS - new rules

Valued Contributor
Hello, all!

For now eSupport web-site is unavaliable.
Redirecting to
In past I was able to download EXOS by putting S/N of switch, for now I have to open a case every time when I want to download EXOS?


Thank you!

New Contributor III
I noticed that there are some missing xos. I had summitX- and patch1-11.xos on my drive downloaded from old portal, and on new one lastes patch for is 1-10.

New Contributor III
Sorry, few months ago support for some part of my swithes ended. Everyhing is alright.

Valued Contributor III
Hi Michal,
You should be able to see v15.3.5.2-patch1-13 files on the new portal. If they aren't there, it could be a support entitlement issue. Let me know and I'll email you for a serial number to check against.

New Contributor
Stumbled upon this looking for a reason why my downloads aren't happening. Same thing happening here.. put in my serial - click download - then nothing happens and the download appears in my history. I've used Firefox, Safari and Firefox , Explorer on a VM with no luck and the same issue.

I've removed the pop up blocker on the Firefox and received

" Request Origin Error Please refresh the Extreme Networks DMS product details page and click that link again.

If you still experience issues, please make sure to try an updated browser. For further assistance, contact"