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EXOS CLI Cursor jumping

EXOS CLI Cursor jumping

Contributor III
EXOS CLI cursor is sometimes jumping out of the windows - especially on long command lines or if the putty windows was resized during the session (which is quite a normal effort).

Have a look:


Especially if you want to change one parameter within a existing line of commands.

This Problem occurs in all EXOS versions. I try several putty versions, but all have the same issue.

Does anybody know this issue ?

Is it possible to avoid that problem ? Maybe an adjustment on Putty client ?
Are there a possibility to make EXOS CLI line redraw ?


Extreme Employee
As already mentioned, this issue happens for Telnet/SSH/Console and the workaround is to increase the column size (available in EXOS 16.1 or higher releases).

Since that adjustment is done per session, it's complicated to perform this after each login.

I'll check internally about a possible FR to "automatically set columns and lines according to the terminal size on every resize" and get back to this thread.

Valued Contributor
Thank you, Drew!

Valued Contributor III
When you are connected via a serial line, there is no way for the system to negotiate the window size with the terminal

I think you can use the
configure cli columns
command to adjust this when you're working with the console.

Valued Contributor
With Telnet no issue.

Thank you!