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PSTAG issue

Hello, all! There is L2 network on X670, all clients receiving VLAN untagged. At each member port, bind the MAC address of its router and disable the learning. There are customers who are connected "through" some operator, and the operator, wants to...

X450G2 PSU failures

Hi all, we are installing a new office location with 2x stacks of X450Gs, so 16 switches total. Each has 2x 715W PSUs. Since installation a month ago we have had 10 PSU failures. This seems unusually high (we have two other similarly sized offices op...

signol by New Contributor
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Configure NTP source ip

I am running EXOS 15.7.1 on an X670-G2 and im trying to configure NTP. the ntp server is a few hops away and the connection from the switch to next router is using a point to point /30 vlan. when it sends an ntp request it uses the source ip of the /...

ElCap by New Contributor
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