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How can I flush DNS in EXOS switch? IP of a RADIUS server has changed.

How can I flush DNS in EXOS switch? IP of a RADIUS server has changed.

Contributor III

All of our switches have a primary and a secondary radius server defined by its DNS name.  

configure radius mgmt-access primary server
configure radius mgmt-access secondary server

We moved the to another datacenter and so it had to change its IP.

I can ping from a few test switches and they reply back with the proper new IP address.  However when I test by disabling the NAC service on our HQ server... the switches just hang and timeout and never log on.  I ran wireshark on the DR radius server and I don't even see the switch trying to reach out.

So in the switch I do a show radius and it has the proper host name but the wrong IP address.  But yet if I ping the name like I said above, the proper IP is returned.
I reran the command: configure radius mgmt-access secondary server 1645 client-ip ipaddresshere vr VR-Default but it stills hows the OLD IP in there.

The DNS servers have been updated.  How can I correct this on about 15 exos switches?


Extreme Employee

While quite intrusive, you could try to restart the "netTools" process to see if this helps... "restart process nettools"

Contributor III

I never got around to trying this, I ended up deleting and reconfiguring radius on all 15 switches.  It seems like it only does a DNS lookup of the radius server the moment you configure it.  It doesn't abide by DNS TTL's and recheck every so often.