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How to activate 1g SFP ports [29-32] on X460-G2-VIM-2X-B-1 v15.7.1.4

How to activate 1g SFP ports [29-32] on X460-G2-VIM-2X-B-1 v15.7.1.4

New Contributor
I have the ports enabled but they don't pass traffic when connected to a Junipr mx80.

The previous engineers said they didn't use the 4 dedicated SFP ports because they couldn't get them to work either.

I read somewhere that all the previous combo SFPs had to be used before the dedicated SFP became available.

I am quickly running out of optical ports so I really need to figure out how to use these 4 ports.
NOTE: Nothing is plugged into the ports at this time.

25 to-reno01:ge-1/0 E R26 to-reno01:ge-1/0 E R
27 mx01-bridg-10g-t E A 1000 FULL
28 mgmt-tomx01 (0003) E A 1000 FULL
29 E R
30 E R
31 E R
32 E R


Contributor II
Hi Zach,

the VIM ports should just work. You should check that the switch is not configured to use the ports for stacking, though.

GTAC Knowledge documents problems with this module, see Perhaps you need a newer EXOS release.

There is another HUB question where X460-G2 VIM ports showed problems, but later started to work somehow:


I will check into updating the XOS version.

Looks like we are far behind the recommended load.


Does the link light come on? Are you sure auto on/off, speed, and duplex are configured the same on both ends of the link? I am more familiar with the 48p model, but am not aware of any reason for these ports to behave differently. We often use the rear ports before the front ports on these switches, because we need the LRM support. Thanks,


according to the data sheet (page 12), the 100FX/1000LX SFP is not supported in the VIM ports. The VIM ports support 10G or 1G only, see the GTAC Knowledge article "Does the VIM-2x support Gigabit Ethernet Transceivers."