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MLAG versus Stack

MLAG versus Stack

New Contributor II
I was going through the definitions of MLAG support on Extreme Switches (670, BD8000 & BDX8) and link aggregation on stacked switches (All summit) and wondering to understand the difference between these two. If I am proposing X460 in a place where customer is asking for MLAG support or Dual-Home Link (Alcatel Lucent), can I work around with stacking option of X460 to overcome MLAG limitation.

Second question, when I am seeing the XOS data sheet it is showing MLAG support throughout the switching portfolio except X430 whereas when I am viewing individual data sheets and Data Center Solution Guide, I am only able to find MLAG on X670, BD8k & BDX8. Please clarify the difference between these two as well.

New Contributor III
If you talking about dual-homed using MLAG.. then do note VRRP is not supported in edge license. Only Adv edge and above. Stack will be enough though. You need stack ports. For X460-G2 (10G variants), you can use Summit-V. For X460-G2 (1G variants), you have to get VIM-2x modules.

I have a bad experience using X460-G2 (10G variants) which does not allow VM-2x as stackports. I shall not say further.

Hi Pat,
You can refer to this Case Number: 01227426
Why the X460G2 (1G variants) allows VIM-2x as alternative stacking. And not the 10G variants. That is the issue and confusing documentation i am referring to. VIM-2x modules are not PHYLESS and allows 10m passive DAC cables to summitstack between racks (without using SR or LR modules)

I have refer to the above link as well before doing my VIM modules purchase. I am referring to alternate stacking via SummitStack-V and not native stacking.

Hello Wong,

Can you please clarify on this statement?

The front facing ports are intended for alternate stacking. With the X460G2 there are 2 modules that will work for native stacking. This is explained in the article below:

I have a logged a case. X460-G2 (10G variants) can only support Summitstack-V on the front panel 10G port 31 and 32. (Even with VIM-2x port 33 and 34 installed) A lot of people are misled... even ExtremeNetworks people themselves.