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Spanning Tree Configuration in EXOS switch X440-G2

Spanning Tree Configuration in EXOS switch X440-G2

New Contributor
Dear Gents
i am new to EXOS switch so i want your support in configuring Spanning tree in EXOS switch with model x440-G2
i have pair of X440-G2 switch and i want to connect both of them with redundant ethernet cables in the same ports in both switches and configuring spanning tree on both of them
please note that both switch will be connected with hosts have redundant NICs with teaming between them  so i will repeat all the configuration on both switches only with different hostname on both switches
I would appreciate if there is any guide for cmd command required and simple explanations for them

Also i want to know if there is any test methodology to test the functionality of Spanning tree and validate that it is working as desired
Thanks in advance

Contributor II


You can test spanning tree by connecting redundant ports and checking if one goes into an STP blocked state on one side in the following command:

show stpd <Domain> ports

New Contributor
First Thanks for your help
for testing i mean testing the protocol is working not testing environment
 i already have EVE-NG setup as testing environment

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I'd recommend looking at the EXOS User Guide, STP section, for info on configuring STP and configuration examples, it's pretty straightforward and helpful.

Page 1273:

If you'd like to test or validate any of this behavior, you can create a virtual lab using GNS3:

GitHub - extremenetworks/Virtual_EXOS: EXOS VM images are provided for testing in virtual environmen...