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What is the fix for X440-24t Temperature Very Hot Warning Error

What is the fix for X440-24t Temperature Very Hot Warning Error

What is the fix for X440-24t Temperature Very Hot Warning Error???

This is newly buy X440-24t and this temp err is happening. Please advice.

I saw a lot of post regarding this X440-24t temperature error.

I have upgraded to Recommended Release patch1-5. Still encounter the issue.

Current State: OPERATIONALImage Selected: secondary
Image Booted: secondary
Primary ver:
Secondary ver:

10/22/2015 05:14:19.58 : Environment warning reported. Setting Environment LED color to Amber10/22/2015 05:14:19.58 : Switch: Temperature (69 C) is reaching maximum limit (70 Celsius). (X440-24t, P/N: 800471-00-14, S/N: 1519N-41648, Rev: 14.0)

* X440-24t.2 # sh temperature
Field Replaceable Units Temp (C) Status Min Normal Max
Switch : X440-24t 38.00 Normal -10 0-48 55
* X440-24t.3 #

Thanks Parthiban,

So you want me to downgrade the switch from Recommended Release patch1-5 to one of those firmware that you suggest?

The built-in Firmware version is getting issue. Thus why i upgrade to patch 1-5


Base on your experience about this Rev:14 should not be the Software BUG error. and what might be the error. Room Temperature is not more than 30 'C. Around 20-25 'C.

Why Temperature is hit to (69 C).
other x250 switches are also in the same place and temperature is normal. only happen to that brand new X440-24t switches.


The hardware design is as below The switch will display temperature = Room temp + 16 For example if room temp is 30 Then switch will display 30+ 16= 46 Fan starts rotating when this value. Hits 44.5. Fan. Stops rotating when value falls below 44.5 This is done for hardware fan reliability. But this is when we started seeing the bug. This behaviour should have been changed in hard Rev >12. The software bug had fix in 15.3.2 latest patch , latest patch and 15.4 latest. You can confirm by downgrading one of the switches to these versions

The HW Rev is rev14 from the logs. I don't think this is a software bug. Only till Rev 12 we had this problem

Extreme Employee
Hi Paul,

Just to confirm , what is the data center actual temperature ? is this the only device reporting this temperature ?


room temperature is not more than 30.
may be around 20 to 25 C.

other x250 switches are also there but no temp issue.
only to those X440-24t switches.