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DHCP server not working for iPXE

The switch is BlackDiamond X8.I’ve set dhcp server for our lab VLAN that I’m using for testing. The pool range and everything else works as intended.I’ve configured options 66 and 67 to FOG server machine and that’s where it breaks. I’m getting:Filen...

excessive by New Contributor
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Resolved! FAN Module serial number X450 (Stack)

Hello together, is there a way to view all FAN module serial numbers on a X450 Stack without connecting to every Stack member individually?The Problem is in a Stack I can only view the serial number for the FAN module of the current Stack Member but ...

Nico_A_ by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Vlan MAC Limit

Hi,we want to set a MAC limit (1) on a VLAN on a port. The MAC is to be permanently configured and every packet that does not come from the MAC on the VLAN is to be discarded and not forwarded or otherwise stored/recorded. Of course there are other V...

mkraft by New Contributor
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