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What is the fix for X440-24t Temperature Very Hot Warning Error

What is the fix for X440-24t Temperature Very Hot Warning Error

What is the fix for X440-24t Temperature Very Hot Warning Error???

This is newly buy X440-24t and this temp err is happening. Please advice.

I saw a lot of post regarding this X440-24t temperature error.

I have upgraded to Recommended Release patch1-5. Still encounter the issue.

Current State: OPERATIONALImage Selected: secondary
Image Booted: secondary
Primary ver:
Secondary ver:

10/22/2015 05:14:19.58 : Environment warning reported. Setting Environment LED color to Amber10/22/2015 05:14:19.58 : Switch: Temperature (69 C) is reaching maximum limit (70 Celsius). (X440-24t, P/N: 800471-00-14, S/N: 1519N-41648, Rev: 14.0)

* X440-24t.2 # sh temperature
Field Replaceable Units Temp (C) Status Min Normal Max
Switch : X440-24t 38.00 Normal -10 0-48 55
* X440-24t.3 #

Extreme Employee
Hi Paul,

Current recommended version for X440 switches is patch 1-5 which you have already installed.

Apart from the temperature warning in the logs, if you experience any reboots or any fan issues, please feel free to report it to us. That might need a look in as we expect the fan behaviour of X440-24t not to impact the switch performance.


Hi Prashanth,

Thank you for your time and informative reply. Very much appreciate on your help.
Anyway we have to accept this behavior of X440-24t fans and temperature.

Please advice what is the suggested firmware for this X440-24t ?


Extreme Employee
Hi Paul,

We certainly understand the frustration.
Unfortunately, the behaviour explained above is exclusive to X440-24t switches.

Check this article out:

For the other switches, the behavior is different and the fans are always running and shows 11000 RPM.

It is good that the switches are not rebooting and it should not make a difference if more traffic is pumped in. Because, the fans would rotate when the temperature approaches 48 C and it will cool the sensors.

However, it would be a best practice to position these switches at a place where the temperature do not go so high , especially it would be good not to position these devices on top of other switches..

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further clarification.

Thanks, I didn't see any reboot on the switches. But it temperature is always around 44 'C and quit hot compare to other and it still in testing stage. I am worries that when i place in production network that X440-24t switches are giving me problems because of that temperature. I am not happy with that brand new X440-24t switches heat issue. What is the different between x440-p and x440t fans?? I noticed x440-p got 4 fans and fans are always running? Switch Temperature is around 30'C. -Paul