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x670-x440 Vrrp change master to backup, not routing

x670-x440 Vrrp change master to backup, not routing

New Contributor

We have 2 stacks both stacks are 1 x460 and 1x440 and an ISC connecting. When we try to fail over to the backup, the backup takes over as master but routing of the layer 3 vlans is not happening. FW Version we are using is

Any help or ideas much will be appreciated.




Contributor II

ipforwarding enabled on the backup?
Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

ok in the config on the backup x460 the ipforwarding is not enabled, But your saying it needs to be there ok. I am new to extreme but we can try it to see it works.

It should be enabled in the config, even though it should not be forwarding was the other stack is vrrp master

ipforwarding on the backup takes place after it takes over as the master or no?