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XOS Fabric Attached

XOS Fabric Attached

Contributor II
Hi Community

I recently started playing with the Extreme Fabric Connect (Old Avaya Fabric) and some Fabric Attached XOS switches and 39xx AP's.

I have two questions/comments that I thought would be good to share here and get some feedback.

1. When I connect a default XOS (X440-g2) switch to the Fabric (Via a FA port configured on the VSP fabric swithces) I expected the management vlan and all other fabric related info, to be pushed the the XOS switch from the fabric via LLDP. This would be a typical ZTP deployment scenario.
The problem I have is with the latest version of XOS ( , LLDP is not enabled by default.
The FA management vlan and all other settings is only pushed to the XOS switch once I run the "Enble LLDP ports all" command.
Comment: LLDP should be enabled by default when you unpack a new switch.

2. On the Fabric Attached XOS switch I create a vlan and map an I-SID to the vlan. This mapping is then advertised via LLDP to the Fabric and learnt accordingly.
Why can I not map a i-sid to a VMAN? surely mapping a I-Sid to a vlan should be the same as mapping it to a VMAN. A typical scenario would be if I have various tenants on a network and each tenant was a Voice,Video and Data vlan. I would like to map the tenant a single port on a XOS switch, that is mapped to a VMAN, and what ever traffic is ingressing on this port should arrive on the remote side of the fabric and egressed. (Similar to how I would map a VMAN to a VPLS service across a MPLS network).
If this client connected directly to the Fabric connect switch I would be able to Map the interface to a I-Sid (isid 1234 elan-transparent port x/x) and that would work fine, but what if I had a XOS fabric attached switch between client and Fabric?

Looking forward to some comments on Fabric 

New Contributor III
Thanks, that works.

Is message auth something you are working to support, Avaya comes standard with it enabled...

Also, for the FA MGMT VLAN, will it automatically create the MGMT VLAN and try DHCP on it? That part is not working for me.


Extreme Employee

on EXOS, you'll need to create the VLAN then specify an I-SID (NSI) so that it will be configured on the Fabric. The EXOS config can be manual or dynamic through NAC or Policy, for example. Don't forget to do a "no fa message-authentication" on Avaya side.

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Hello All,

For those who have been able to attach an exos to fabric, please help 🙂

I have all Fabric configured on the Avaya side, I enabled FA on my SMLT (It's a trunk).

on Exos is where I am wondering how to add a vlan. on Avaya, if I add a fabric attached VLAN, it auto creates VLAN and then adds it to the fabric attached ports.

on EXOS, it looks like I have to create the vlan, then config it with the nsi, which I did:

450TEST.27 # show vlan fabric attach assignments
Fabric Attach Mode: Proxy
Port VLAN VLAN Name Type ISID/NSI Status
------- ---- -------------------------------- ------- -------- --------
3 VLAN_0003 Static 70003 Pending

How about the attaching of the fabric on the ports on exos, don't I have to do that first? LLDP is enabled on both of my ports that are running sharing:

LLDP-MED fast start repeat count : 3
LLDP Port Configuration:
Port Rx Tx SNMP --- Optional enabled transmit TLVs --
Mode Mode Notification LLDP 802.1 802.3 MED AvEx DCBX

47 Enabled Enabled -- PNDCM --- ---- ---- ---- --
48 Enabled Enabled -- PNDCM --- ---- ---- ---- --

Is there any article on how to fabric attach on EXOS that I can refer to?

Does the new software 22.5.1 support zero touch fabric attach to get the mgmt vlan?


New Contributor II
Thank you for this , it's a bit clearer now what I could gain from doing this.