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What is the network requirements for SCADA systems communications?

What is the network requirements for SCADA systems communications?

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We are deploying a multi-ring network using 100+ X440 and one BD 8806.

from Core to any location we are having less than 15ms delay, but still the guys from SCADA system complaining that it's too much for their system, So I need a reference for the network requirements of SCADA systems. any advice?


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Hi Yusuf,

Your SCADUH guys are obviously unaware of the laws of physics. Usually the slowest thing on a SCADA network is their unpatched servers.

So if u have eliminated 90% of latency (what's a couple of milliseconds between PLCs/RTUs) u need to educate (re the speed of light thing) and get them tuning the app.

Do note that an architecture with minimal firewall traversal does help (eg one at the headend and a security oriented network fabric like mac in mac).

i have similar 15ms latency to (interstate) parts of the network and these (see link) guys look like they r running in AWS so i'd expect similar unless they're on top of an AWS campus

some latency commentary in here

and a case study with latency issues


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Hello, Yusuf!

As I know - there is no any requirements for SCADA.
But you can use other technologies which are reduce delay - like QoS, DCBX, AVB etc.

Thank you!