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OSPF Accept Policy

OSPF Accept Policy

Contributor II

I've been trying to use an IP OSPF accept policy to filter out inter-area routes on a VSP within a VRF but it does not take affect. All routes are seen in the routing table from the advertising router. 

It seems the OSPF accept policy does not influence the routes and cannot stop the routes as they are exchanged as the OSPF adjacency comes up and they exchange databases.

The VSP VRF has only one area with all interfaces in it so not an ABR.

I have a Secure Router 2330 joining two VRFs together on the VSP and I can filter routes between areas using a filter-list and prefix-list which is an ABR.

Maybe the Firewall is the best place to do this anyway but frustrated by the fact the accept policy has no impact and was wondering if I was missing something. I do apply the policy and checked the prefix-list and route-map are correct.

router vrf corporate
ip prefix-list "stub3" id 6 ge 32 le 32
ip ospf accept adv-rtr enable route-map "ospf_peer"
route-map "ospf_peer" 1
no permit
match network "stub3"
ip ospf apply accept adv-rtr vrf corporate



New Contributor
OSPF import policy allows you to prevent external routes from being added to the routing tables of OSPF neighbors. The import policy does not impact the OSPF database. This means that the import policy has no impact on the link-state advertisements. The filtering is done only on external routes in OSPF.  One Cognizant Portal

Thanks Jessica!