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Universal 5420 switch

Universal 5420 switch

New Contributor

Having trouble upgrading software with FTP. Not use to using an FTP server. Installed filezilla and 3cdaemon but can't get it working. On Filezilla the switch flash content isn't showing up for me to drag new firmware into. Any suggestions


New Contributor II

I have found that WINSCP is a super easy way to copy new firmware to the VSP switches. It relies on SSH which most of us have enabled already.

New Contributor III

Hello Eoghan, 

Can you confirm that you are running VOSS and not EXOS on your 5420 ?

How are you connected to the terminal ? remote SSH ? console port ? OOB port ? 

Check this part to be sur to not be filtered by any access policy (#show access-policy) or any ACL. 

Then, if it's VOSS, you need to enable the ftp deamon through the boot flag. 

(config)#boot config flags ftpd   //You can check it with "show boot config"

for more diag, please share config, full tech and setup details about FTP client/server. 



New Contributor

hi Ii am running VOSS. The switch is connected to interface 1/12. I have enabled the ftpd boot flags. Filrezilla doesn't connect to switch even though the pc can ping the switch and the switch can ping the pc