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VSP Edge Deployment Guide, without NAC

VSP Edge Deployment Guide, without NAC

Extreme Employee
Abstract: This guide describes the steps needed to automate the deployment of a VSP switch running VSP Operating System Software (VOSS) 8.3 or later in customer environments where the use of Network Access Control (NAC) is not desired. The process uses a combination of automation features in VOSS Fabric Connect and in ExtremeCloud™ IQ - Site Engine onboarding.

New Contributor II

That document is amazing, thanks Ludo.

I'm looking to set up Fabric to the edge incorporating NAC, do you happen to have documentation that includes NAC i-sid configuration?


For reference our environment will be utilizing;

- 4x VSP 7400 for core/distribution (routing is being done here)

- 2x VSP 7400 for storage

- ~90 5420 for edge

- ~360 APs (305, 460 and 510s)

- XIQ, XIQ-SE, 2x NAC and likely Fabric manager and Analytics


Current environment is running over Cisco with 20 extreme switches running EXOS. I have configured NAC to use MAC auth and push VLANs to the current EXOS switches.