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Add VLAN to Two Ports on Wireless Controller

Add VLAN to Two Ports on Wireless Controller

I have a C4110 wireless controller running A guest network is B@EWC and assigned as untagged 4000 to port 2. Port 2 connects to a small firewall which connects to a modem.

Port 1 serves the staff network. In order to provide wired guest network connections, is it possible to also assign VLAN 4000 as a tagged member of port 1? This would allow me to physically switch the wired traffic to the controller and out the proper interface.

Honored Contributor
If I unterstand it correctly... you'd like to use the Controller guest portal for wired users... the answer is no.

The controller doen't route traffic between the ESA interfaces.... I know in that case it would be bridging as it's the same VLAN but that is also not supported.

In short the controller only fowards traffic from a WLAN client to the LAN but not between LANs.

Yup. This is exactly what I want to do. Thanks for the info.

Extreme Employee
IF VLAN 4000 is tagged egress (and no other VLAN egressing Port1 are untagged) you should be able to add an interface untagged or tagged for Guest. We would need to see the topology configurations.