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FN-415, WS-C35 WLAN Appliance may fail due to degradation of clock signal

FN-415, WS-C35 WLAN Appliance may fail due to degradation of clock signal

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Extreme Networks recently became aware of an issue from one of our Suppliers that impacts the WS-C35 WLAN Appliance. This issue requires product replacement. We are pro-actively notifying all ExtremeWireless customers and partners of this potential WS-C35 WLAN Appliance issue and our goal is to work with you to swap out suspect WS-C35 unit(s), at no cost to you. Please refer to Field Notice FN-415 and the Clock Issue FAQ for further details. Extreme Networks sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this pro-active swap out effort may cause you and others in your organization.

Beginning March 20th, 2017, Extreme Networks will start shipping RMA replacement WS-C35 units that includes the fix. Extreme Networks will make best effort in replacing all suspect units as soon as possible. Please be aware it may take an extended period of time to provide you with an RMA replacement unit from our Supplier. You are an extremely important and very prestigious customer and partner for Extreme Networks and your patience in this matter is sincerely appreciated.

Best Regards,
The Extreme Quality and Services Teams

Reference: FN-415

If you have additional questions concerning this information, please contact your Extreme Networks representative, or comment in this thread.

NOTE: Extreme Field Notices are posted on GTAC Knowledge.

New Contributor II
Hi Ron,

all units already replaced here

Hey Peter,

so at least they know where Austria is 😉


Honored Contributor
6months later.....

I still wait....... and no update from anyone.

I've rx a mail after I've opened all the RMAs - not sure whether that counts as "proactive".

So far I got only replacements for 2 out of 8 chassis - so 2 of 8 RMAs are closed and I still wait for 6 more units.

Since the RMA mails 6 months ago no one contacted me.