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MAC to IP resolution between Wireless Controller and NAC

MAC to IP resolution between Wireless Controller and NAC

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We are having trouble with guests completing the captive portal registration on the NAC. This is apparently a MAC-to-IP resolution issue between the EWC and the NAC. The subnet for the captive portal is 10.200.x.x and the DHCP is handled by the EWC's onboard DHCP for the topology.

I doing something wrong because the NAC is not resolving these addresses therfor they connot complete registration. The information from the switches resolves perfectly but not from this "guest" subnet. I am sure there is a check box somewhere I am missing, any help?


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My Mac-to-IP seems to be much better. I have changed a few check boxes and added the helper-ip addresses. NAC registration is still spotty. GTAC said this was due to MAC-to-IP but having improved MAC-to-IP I am not seeing any better performance. Before a client would log in "Extended State" "Resolving IP Address". Now it logs "IdentiFi State Change" but the client end-user sees the same thing - A registration screen that just spins and then times out. If you let it sit long enough you get the AUP screen and can finalize registration (which is just a check box to submit the AUP).

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That really helped me recently, thanks!
I believe those station events could be directly mentioned in that GTAC article with XML type events.

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Do you have the EWC sending station events to NAC? says how to disable them, has a brief note about "2. Is the end system in an "Active" state due to a RADIUS authentication and not other XML type event (Eg Identifi messaging)"

There's also

Are you bridging at controller? It would help if you put a ip-helper or bootprelay to a NAC gateway on the router to your guest VLAN. Also, did you configure SNMPv3 between Netsight and the EWC?