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Network Design on a Identifi C35 setup (questions and more)

Network Design on a Identifi C35 setup (questions and more)

New Contributor
Network design using an Identifi C35 and 30 APs.

When it comes to how to design the network I am a bit confused.

Is there a network all the APs reside on And then various networks related to WLANS?

IE: (AP network) (WLAN floofy) (WLAN super scary) (WLAN client

Is this the mentality behind rolling out these deviceS? I'm trying to find some documentation on how to design the actual network.

This seems like a structural design question. Typically you would have a "Topology" that contains all your AP's. You will notice a checkbox for management, and AP registration - so you would check both of those.

Then you would create other network topologies that relate to your respective WLAN's. Each WLAN would have it's own roles (usually one for an authenticated user and one for a non-authenticated user), and so on. At least that is how I would do it.

The best advice I can give you is to use the VNS Wizard. It's rather nice and takes you step by step through the process of creating all of the elements. When I was initially setting things up, I ran through it several times while reading the documentation. I screwed up and started over several times. But it's a bit of a learning process. The wizard helps you understand the flow of how the pieces fit together.

I know, that's not great advice. But perhaps is a good launching point for more questions. 🙂