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Some clients unable receive IP

Some clients unable receive IP

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Hi, all!

Have a simple configuration with internal DHCP.
1 client Sansung Galaxy receive IP
Change radios as here - {previously referenced article has been archived}





In both rules Containment VLAN 4090.
Auth rules empty (alow all)
Nonauth rule below


Client below


Any ideas?

Thank you!

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From my experience they don't "see" the change > they get kicked from the WLAN but connect in the same second again > there is no AP reboot or any other longer outage.

Extreme Employee
For Reference:
Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks

Extreme Employee
Agreed. Thanks Alexandr P.

I just wanted to provide more info on the process and how our articles are initially written. When an issue or question is presented or fixed, an article is written specific to that question/problem. Over time, if more issues are seen on other versions, hardware, clients, etc, then the KB article is edited and "evolved".

If a problem is found on 5ghz clients and a specific version, it's written as such and then edited later as similar problems may be reported with different variables.
All input helps improve the collective knowledge! It is a large task and we are always trying to stay on top of it, thank you for being part of the process!

I have the similar problem when some clients (IOS / Android) try to connect to a WLAN with VNS topology "B@EWC" sometimes reporting "Incorrect Password" if I restart the AP, the issues fixed but eventualy the problem appear again.
I read in a few Extreme´s reference articles that solucion for that problem is disable "management frame protection" but my doubt is what will happen with the clients connected in that moment when I do the change in the wlan service ? they will be disconect ?