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What do i need to consider before adding my HA controller in a working wireless network?

What do i need to consider before adding my HA controller in a working wireless network?

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I have working wireless network now. And i need to include a second controller to increase the number of APs supported. I have 2 C35 and one of them is working as a primary now.

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It's NOT recommended to use the Admin interface at all - the interface should only be used for initial configuration and so a support engineer could connect directly to the device in case of troubleshooting.

You should use the same interface for HA that is used to connect the APs to the controller (= the one that has AP registration enabled).

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yes the route is in the list

6 x.x.x.1 Administracion on

we use x.x.x.1 for the gateway.
its a strange behaviour
we dont have much time to open the case because the 802.1x valitation uses this interface, even so we will try to contact whith supprot stuff.



I would open a case for that issue, in a failed state, if you can open the console in esxi and then go into the "ip" section of the cli and type "show" just to make sure the route table is correct, that would help. ip show

RouteID Dest Addr Netmask Next Hop Topology OverrideDynamic

1 aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd physical 1 on


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Thanks for the repplys,
I am going to shrare with you an unussual behaviour of the V2110 controller. When we restart de controller the web doestn works.
We have to disable esa0 interface (when is physical 'newadmin' l3 interface) and enable in vmware de interface for Admin.
Then we have to access to the web using Admin ip. Then we activate esa0 interface and then physical works ok....
I dont know why...
(in this momment we can disable admin interface at vmware)