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Wireless Load Groups

Wireless Load Groups

New Contributor II
What is the Wireless Load Groups option for in the Enterasys controller C5210?



does it have to be in an open area for band steering as well?
we have an AP in each classroom with 2.4 and 5Ghz radios and clients. and i think some of the 2.4 clients are slowing things down and causing issues

Ok, thanks for all this helpful information. I just noticed some of our schools are in load groups for some reason. I am going to create a group for band steering, to help the mirroring to apple tvs improve.

You are right - it make no sense to enable load group to a whole building.
The client must be in the range of all APs from the same load group.

One valid option would be to use it for example in an auditorium or a gymnasium if you've a big event and use a punch of APs in this area to take care of the high amount of visitors/clients.

Load groups wouldn't work good in a school? It would have to be an open area.