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Firmware update now getting lost connection notifications

Contributor III

This is a recurring theme here.


I update the firmware on the AP's, and for weeks and months i get emails that AP "x" has lost its CAPWAP connection. If i get in the interface quick enough, i see the offline icon to the left of the AP, give it a few seconds, and its back online. Email after email with all different AP's around campus doing that.

Then sometimes that just stops, out of the blue no more notifications, other times a new firmware seems to fix whatever is going on with that, such as that fixed the issue.

However, last week i install and now im getting dozens of emails a day from various AP's stating they lost their CAPWAP connection.  Same thing, quick enough in the interface, its showing as offline, but leave it alone and its back online in under a minute.

So it appears that this new firmware has re-introduced that back into our environment.

Any ideas about that? and yes that VoIP checkbox on Sonicwall is checked, persistent NAT.

Thanks, Jason

PS: These are AP650(AH) AP's


Sorry been out sick.  I havent tried that, but will just as soon as i finish playing catch up - although got another new issue... bonjour GW just stopped working on the AP's yesterday and still isnt working... sigh....)

Ill keep you posted, but may not be until next week.  sorry  thanks for that suggestion.