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AP 7632 Connectivity issue

AP 7632 Connectivity issue

New Contributor

I have a wireless network setup, that uses about 04 nos AP 7632 devices. These devices are in 4 corners of a large warehouse. Motorola hand held scanner are connected to the APs.

In one AP, when the scanning of any item is done on the Motorola Scanner, its take a minimum of 30 secs to upload just a single entry. Any idea why this is ? Could this be a firmware issue ?

Hello Jit,

1) Gold tip: Keep all Symbol/Zebra collectors with “energy save mode” disabled. Download latest wlan driver firmware or recommended image with your Zebra partner.
2) If you use RFS-6000 is not recommended use of ap7632. Vx9000 or RFS4000 works fine with this model. At now works fine!
3) Please use WiNG firewall best practices
4) Ensure your network settings (physical and logical) is ok.
5) Activate 802.11k every possible. Before activate, check in datasheet of Motorola/Symbol/Zebra support for this.
6) Use or reuse channels/interference with network analyzer (i use Chanalyzer for this).
7) AP Power Output.
8 ) Logs

Not resolve? Open GTAC :- )

Extreme Employee

How do you know this is only occurring when scanners are associated to just the 1 AP? Have you verified this?
Do scanners NOT have this issue when associated with any of the other 3 APs?

If you have verified that this is only happening on the 1 AP:
My assumption would be that the config on all 4 APs would be the same (except power/channel, hostname, IP address, etc). If that is also true, then it points to an issue with the RF in the area near that AP.

Are the scanners using 2.4 or 5GHz WLANs? (or both?)
If using 2.4GHz, as a test, try to setup the same WLAN on the 5GHz radio on just that 1 AP and see if the problem continues.

Extreme Employee
Hello Jit,

1 - Make sure you are on either or firmware
2 - Follow this link to a checklist of what should already be configured on the AP:
3 - Check for interfering APs and coverage issues
4 - Make sure you have the latest wireless drivers on the Motorola scanners and that the settings therein have been optimized

I hope this helps,

Christoph S.