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AP does not connect properly

AP does not connect properly

Contributor II

I have a cluster vx9000 and will adopt a AP310 remotely (L3)

After adjusting the settings ip-mac conflict" and "ip-mac routing conflict, I can connect to the AP.

The autoprovision rule is configured. however the AP connect to th  RF-default instead connecting to the prefferd RF-domain. also the profile isn't pushed to the AP

In the Device configuration tab I notice that the AP is configured for the right RF-Domain and policy.

In the Dashboard the ap is not displayed.

How can I solve this issue?


Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

Hello @Christoph_S 


I don't have to change  manually the rf-domain and profile. Those are correct.

When I login at the AP and look at the adoption status, the result is that the ap is adopted by the controller. However is the config of the AP there is no correct profile, rf-domain of smart rf entries.

Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax