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AP621 model does not return SNMP data via snmpwalk

AP621 model does not return SNMP data via snmpwalk

New Contributor

hello @ckelly@Christoph_S , @Christopher_Fra , @arichter 

We have 2 RFS6000 controllers and 35 devices of this model in our environment, but I can't retrieve SNMP data from them. We have another 12 devices of the AP7532 model, and I can easily get the information from them.




$ snmpwalk -v2c -c cti (AP621)
Timeout: No Response from






$ snmpwalk -v2c -c cti
iso. = STRING: "AP7532 Access Point, Version MIB=01a"
iso. = OID: iso.
iso. = Timeticks: (24005400) 2 days, 18:40:54.00
iso. = ""
iso. = STRING: "AP-A13-1314"



What is blocking the AP621 model? How can this be fixed?


I tried to follow the steps in the link below, but an error occurred. I think it's a bug.


rfs01(config)*#ip snmp-access-list cti
rfs01(config-ip-snmp-acl-cti)*#permit any
% Error: Invalid IPv4/mask format
rfs01(config-ip-snmp-acl-cti)*#permit ?
  A.B.C.D/M  Source IP address range to match
  any        Any source IP address
  host       Single host address

rfs01(config-ip-snmp-acl-cti)*#permit any ?

rfs01(config-ip-snmp-acl-cti)*#permit any 
% Error: Invalid IPv4/mask format


Thank you in advance!!!


Extreme Employee

As a test, is it possible to take take an AP621 and factory default it?

Have it boot it and acquire a DHCP address - do not let it adopt to a controller - and then attempt to snmpwalk the AP.

Extreme Employee

The entries in the ip snmp-access-list specify (if using 'permit' entries) which host or networks are allowed for SNMP traffic with an AP.

In this case, your workstation address needs to exist either as a specific host entry in this list OR the network that your workstation is on needs to exist as a network range in the list.

This is what I am trying to confirm. Does your workstation address match any of the four entries in the snmp-access-list?




Yes. My work computer has the IP

New Contributor


IP belongs to AP 7532 and is part of the vlan that the APs get IP from. Should the IP itself be on the allowed list?

all 7532 in the image below.


Extreme Employee

So as expected, the 7532 port 161 shows as OPEN.

Also, your workstation address ( is not an address that would be allowed by SNMP based on the 621's ip snmp-list

Are there any APs responding to snmp (that use the same exact snmp-access-list) that are located on the same network as a 621 that is NOT responding? (trying to eliminate/confirm that this snmp-access-list is the culprit)

ip snmp-access-list cti
permit host 200.x.x.x
permit 200.x.x.0/24
permit 10.x.0.0/23
permit host