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Certificate distribution

Certificate distribution

New Contributor

Hi there,

I’d like to use EAP-TLS and i have to distribute certificates to every AP in some RF domains but the file-sync command does not work as expected. (WiNG

The certificate files are already loaded on the VX9000, but if i try

file-sync trustpoint MyTrustpointName rf-domain MyRFDomain


file-sync trustpoint MyTrustpointName MyRFDomain/ap7632-DEADBEEF

or just

file-sync trustpoint MyTrustpointName all

i get an error message similar to “Could not find any matching APs” or “No APs are configured”, which makes no sense.

Installing the same trustpoint (certificate files) manually on a AP works fine, but for a lot of APs this will be a never-ending task.

Any hints are welcome, thanks



New Contributor

I had to try a few things out but after all i found a solution by myself.

The intended trustpoint name had to be configured in the affected profile under Security>>Trustpoints in advance, before the concerned access points will accept the deployment of the trustpoint files by file-sync command. My confusion was based on that fact, because this is not necessary if the trustpoint files are loaded manually on the AP.