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service pktcap on wireless radio all

I'm analysing the Wireless Radio of one deploy with WING AP7662/AP7632 and version the setup is: radio 1 Off (2.4Ghz) and radio 2 ON (5220 Mhz) But then i run the capture with: service pktcap on wireless radio all tcpdump count 10 ...

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Guest SSID only internet access

We are setting up a wireless network with AP 7632s. We will have one of the APs as a virtual controller. As per the IP plan, we will be using the range and VLAN 5 for all user devices needing internet access. This also goes for Guest Wi-F...

philipdj by New Contributor
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How to configure DHCP Server AP7602

Dear Team, I have tried DHCP service setting on AP7602 but not ok. Would you please help me check I created 2 ssid with 2 vlan difference: SSID:Extreme AP7602 - VLAN1: SSID:AP7602_Trial - VLAN2: When I access SSID:AP...

Alan_Phan by New Contributor
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